Five for Fri-yay!


I have been awful at responding to emails and messages this week! And at updating this blog! I’ve been distracted. I didn’t want to miss the most fun post of the week, so here’s some things for your eyes.

1. My BFF opened an Etsy shop, Tile Vision, selling these Roseanne decorative tiles and will be uploading more 90s TV show-related decorative tiles too. These are super high quality! They have a great matte finish. They’re funny too, most importantly.

2. I needed a workout I could do on-the-fly without wifi and having a copy of this 20 minute HIIT routine elevated my heart rate and got me sweating perfectly. Will do it again!

3. Here’s a video about meal-prepping all the kinds of foods I enjoy eating in spring!

4. I am reading, and loving, Emergency Brake by Ruth Madievsky. I really enjoyed this interview Ruth did with my friend, mostly when she discusses how her two big interests, poetry and pharmacy, appear to contrast but share a vein.

5. I love these bowls beyond reason and I want one in every color but I cannot justify the expense!! All my favorite colors with freaking smiley faces, you guys. How happy would these make you? I’d be a basket of freaking joy.

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